Fundamentals of Healthy Nutrition (Modified Paleo Diet)


Stone Age had ended 5-10 thousand years ago. Since then, although there had been minor changes in our genes, major changes had occurred in both environmental conditions and our foods.

Especially in the last 50-100 years increased consumption of unnatural food products and food additives, solid fats like margarines and hot-pressed oils like sunflower and corn oil led to a decrease in fresh fruit & vegetable and food prepared in saucepan consumption.

Our gene structure and subsequent chemical reactions does not have the complete ability to deal with these unnatural foods. The discordance between genes and foods leads to extreme increase in chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, ulcer, asthma, rheumatoid diseases, chronic fatigue (tiredness), cancer, and osteoporosis. .

In order to protect our body from all these diseases we must fist change our diet with a diet that resembles the diet of 5-10 thousand years ago. .

In this issue of beslenmebulteni, you will read the Modified Paleo Diet in English.


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